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SHPE Colorado

Today, SHPE Colorado makes a big impact. We’re the largest association in the state of Colorado for Hispanics in STEM. We meet each of our student and professional members where they are—offering effective training, mentorship, and programming for our vibrant community.


SHPE Colorado’s growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon. As we continue to expand our membership, programs, and partnerships, we’re guided by a clear mission, a bright vision, and the core values demonstrated by our founders.


The SHPE Colorado Chapter was founded in 1988. Since its inception, SHPE Colorado has awarded scholarships to aspiring young Hispanic Engineers and Scientists in Colorado. SHPE Colorado has also hosted the National Technical Career Conference (SHPE's National Convention) in 1995 and 2007. This conference attracts over 10,000 Hispanic Engineers and Scientists from across the nation to research and network about engineering and science strategies impacting global and local economies.


The SHPE Colorado Chapter was honored by the SHPE National Board of Directors as the 2004 Region 3 Professional Chapter of the Year.


SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support and development.



SHPE's vision is a world where Hispanics are highly valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians and engineers.


Familia, Service, Education, and Resilience.

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Region 3. ¡Está aquí!

Region 3 is SHPE’s largest region geographically consisting of chapters from Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. In 2014, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that Colorado, North Dakota, and Wyoming were among the top 5 states with the fastest economic and employment growth in the nation. The region has experienced considerable growth with the formation of several professional and student chapters. SHPE is the hub for technical talent in Region 3 and holds tremendous potential.

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Student Chapters in Colorado

  • Colorado State University (Fort Collins)

  • Colorado School of Mines (Golden)

  • University of Colorado Boulder

  • University of Colorado Denver

  • University of Wyoming (Laramie)

  • University of Denver

  • Colorado Mesa University (Grand Junction)

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